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Facility Management

From our home base in Milwaukee, FacilityNow helps building owners, managers, and facilities/maintenance staff throughout the Midwest to track what goes on in their buildings. We use drawings and databases to track people and furniture, how much square footage each department or tenant is using, when cleaning and maintenance needs to be done, that kind of stuff. Then we use that information to save our customers money when projects like construction or large people moves come up. Turns out that keeping track of what you have costs less than rediscovering it over and over.


Lost a Key Team Member?

We can fill that position with a specialist who is ready to impress.

Don't have a Team at all?

FacilityNow is ready to serve in nearly any day-to-day operational, support, or managerial role as needed. You don’t just get the experience of one person, the entire team backs every project with our combined experience and know-how.

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Sometimes a property doesn’t come with a good set of drawings. We create drawings that depict as-built conditions ranging from basic walls, doors, and windows, to complete building system documentation or BOMA documentation. We can also collect and develop detailed asset tracking systems in the formats you already use.
We document and track what you have ahead of a project to eliminate surprises once work begins. With the use of secure online project management tools, we create a “single source of truth” for all project interaction. As construction wraps up, our team documents the final results of a project to maintain the integrity of your drawings saving time and money on future work.

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Space Planning

Every Day Your Space Changes

Moves, Adds, and Changes are part of our daily work. Our expertise in space programming, interior design, creating accountability, and chargebacks will help you take ownership, know what you have, and plan for what you really need. With our experienced designers and furniture know-how, we help customers understand options and costs before committing to workplace changes. We work directly with movers, electricians, and IT people to turn designs into reality.


Accurate, reliable floor plans on your mobile device or desktop

Building information is only useful if you have it at the point of decision. Our approach allows real-time collaboration, markup, and communication using meaningful information tailored to your operation. Imagine having your floor plans, process diagrams, manuals, and business continuity information all in one place – and that place is as close as your smartphone or tablet. This is the reality our customers enjoy every day.

Asset Management

Maintenance Management

Know exactly what maintenance assets you own, their make, model and location

Work Order Systems

Consistent work orders, both routine and emergency, that are easy to understand and close out for your hard working maintenance personnel.

Life Cycle Tracking

Understand not just what assets you have, but when they will need to be replaced. This allows planning for the future, not just reacting to it.


Evolve FM Building Owners and Managers Association Micromain
Wisconsin Green Building Alliance Bentley Software Interior Design Association International Facility Managers Association


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Woman’s Business Enterprise certification

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Engaging your internal customers

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The thing people ask us the most…

“So, what exactly do you guys do?” Over the years, the “thing FacilityNow does” has changed quite a bit. But before I explain it, let me tell you about an important thing that we don’t do: We don’t sell anything. No software or hard products. Our objectivity is something we prize. Okay, so what do […]

What are company values really about?

Many companies have a stated set of values but it can be tough to know what they really represent. Can a company be expected to uphold a set of shared values in the same way that friends, family, or society itself is? In my own career I have worked with companies whose values are held […]

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