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We bring a diverse group of experienced professionals to help you solve problems and to fill your project or facility staffing needs. We deliver flexible service scenarios that range from software implementation and training to long-term facilities support. We believe that the best way to serve our clients is to offer quality work for a reasonable price, and to treat each client company as our own. This ownership attitude keeps us focused on serving you and your staff, while keeping a sharp eye out for your bottom line.

Our History Meet Our Team

Our History

It is the dawn of time. Molten CAFM oozes from cracks in the earth. One by one, our team members wander forth across a desert of ice from which stark boulders jut. A harsh wind blows through the plain which reality has become; the wind congeals into deeper ice, and the boulders disappear for the most part. Above, the darkness of this new universe presents itself off at the edges of her vision; she sees only a meager glimpse of it.

FacilityNow has begun.

Our Team

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